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Some time ago I got an E-mail which stated that the feature plan a meeting is now available for all customers.

On my private microsoft account this works fine, but on the account of my organisation the feature is missing in teams.

Do business accounts still need a license for that feature or are there some settings you have to change?

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Hi @RonnyT95 ,


It is worth noting that features are released to different tenants at different rates and there are other factors such as being signed up to preview features etc.

However it is also worth noting the Microsoft Teams Personal is quite a different beast to Microsoft Teams in the Corporate world. I am also intrigued about this Plan a Meeting now option, as my initial thought is, is this not just say an on demand channel meeting.

So if it is OK, could you send me a screen shot as to the feature in question and a description of what functionality it is you are after in the Business version please?