Pixelated Video when hardware video processing is used

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I am new to this community. I am doing the setup of a conferencing room for my work and I bought the logitech C920 Webcam. I have been testing this hardware on two different windows 10 devices through Microsoft Teams. When plugged into one device, the sent video quality is excellent (1080p) but when the webcam is plugged on the other device, the sent video quality is poor (480p). I have been using the "call health" feature on Teams to check what was going on. The device with the good video quality shows "video processing : software enabled" while the other device shows "video processing : hardware enabled". I wonder if that is related to my problem. Check the screenshots below for further details. It should not be a problem with bandwidth but rather a codec issue or hardware capability issue. Please help me. Thanks.

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This sounds like a usb issue. Is the port you are plugged into a docking station or a non-USB 3.0 port?

@Eric MarsiIt is probably not a USB port issue because when using the camera app the image quality is good (1080p). Instead, when using the webcam on Teams, it is sending as 480p which is horrible quality. The webcam is plugged into a 3.0 usb port.



im getting similar result - my outbound video quality is poor, and its using only 180x320, software enabled.


when i use ms teams on edge browser, outbound video quality is much better.

Microsoft Edge is working just fine for me too. It seems then that it is not hardware related but rather how Microsoft Teams is coded?

@fbourque Did you ever get a resolution for this issue? I am currently experiencing a similar thing. Camera is absolutely fine on the other apps but in teams its pixelated.

@starkey11420I did not have the chance to test it further. Using Teams in Edge fixed it for me. Not a perfect solution but still a good temporary fix.

try going to settings -> devices -> open camera settings


set the powerline frequency (anti-flicker) to whatever your country uses for it's power grid (eg. in the UK it's 50 Hz)



Any idea why my incoming video processing under "call Health" never says Hardware, always says "software enabled". I have a pretty good video card. I don't have setting "Disable GPU hardware acceleration" selected.