Pixelated Distortion on Mac Teams Client

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I'm getting intermittent display pixelation/distortion in the Teams client on Mac. When this happens the pixelation (see screen shot) occurs every time I navigate away and then return to the Teams window. The pixelation usually resolves itself in about 15 seconds after returning to the Teams window.


A reboot of the Mac will often resolve the issue longer term (1-2 days) before it comes back.


Anyone else seeing anything like this? I'm guessing it could be a display driver or maybe a third party conflict? Any ideas?




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Go to MS Teams settings (your avatar in right upper corner) and disable GPU acceleration. If you can't do it due to pixelation try to disconnect any external displays and close as much apps (or even restart  if you have to). Under low load it without external displays it should work fine. Same issue was with chrome some time a go but disappeared after mac os updates. 




@KeenanTrueKP So I have used the "Disable GPU Hardware Acceleration" solution for a while but I ended up encountering issues with teams locking up during calls. 


The best solution I have found so far is resting the NVRAM/PRAM on my mac. When you turn your mac on, immediately press and hold cmd+opt+P+R. Release after the apple logo appears and disappears for the second time. This seems to be working for me :smile:


Full instructions found here:,after%20the%20se....