Pixelated Distortion on Mac Teams Client

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I'm getting intermittent display pixelation/distortion in the Teams client on Mac. When this happens the pixelation (see screen shot) occurs every time I navigate away and then return to the Teams window. The pixelation usually resolves itself in about 15 seconds after returning to the Teams window.


A reboot of the Mac will often resolve the issue longer term (1-2 days) before it comes back.


Anyone else seeing anything like this? I'm guessing it could be a display driver or maybe a third party conflict? Any ideas?




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I am having the exact same problem with the exception that when it clears, 15 seconds later or if I switch to another tab, it comes back!

I tried to change resolution and uninstalled/reinstalled Teams with no change.Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 11.01.57 AM.png

@KeenanTrueKP hey can you login to from browser and download the setup from there and reinstall this specific setup.


In Microsoft Teams Web App > click on your avatar on the top right corner > click Download the desktop app

I uninstalled and then re-installed the Teams client from the website. On a related note, I haven't seen this issue re-occur now for at least a week, which I believe coincides with when I installed the latest OSX Catalina update - see screen cap below.




So basically it works with specific version on MAC. That's what i understand? Correct me if I am wrong.

I am having this problem as well. I re-installed Teams to no avail. I also went into the Library folder in my account and deleted all the config files related to Teams, but this didn't help. This is on Mac OS 10.15.4 with the installer available from on April 17, 2020. The problem started today - I used Teams yesterday with no problems. 


This is pretty terrible for what has become mission-critical software!!!




Same here... just started today out of nowhere after it worked fine for 4 weeks. I am not aware of any recent updates or changes to the system.@KeenanTrueKP 

When I went to use my Mac the next day, it was frozen and I had to force restart. During the restart process,the entire laptopscreen was similarly pixelated. But after the restart, everything worked fine. Not sure of the mac auto-installed an update, or the reboot fixed it, or what, but my issue is now resolved.

Same issue here @KeenanTrueKP 

I am experiencing the same issue. Reinstalled the client, didn't help.
issue was resolved by going into the teams settings -->general and make sure disable gpu hardware acceleration is checked. Same issue with google chrome.

Thank you, this worked for me! 

Yeah.... my settings are already set that way. Funny thing is I noticed, my pixilation occurs after my system goes into standby mode. It happens intermittently and a reboot is the only fix thus far. 

@KeenanTrueKP Same thing here on a brand new MacBookPro 16"

At first I thought my GPU was DOA


It is a bit hard to set the system-setting when I cannot see anything.



@KeenanTrueKP  I am seeing exactly this problem, intermittent screen scrambling which then clears back to normal and a few seconds later repeats. Rebooting doesn't clear it for me. Maybe reinstalling will. Any advice gratefully received!

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It's a bug in team viewer.

You have to turn gpu acceleration off


Thank you for the tip - it works!

Shame it is a global default and can't be set for individual programmes. Let's hope Microsoft patch this soon.



Same issue here... been driving me crazy for about two months. Someone suggested turning off GPU acceleration, but I don't even see that option anywhere (plus it sounds like a system-wide setting, so ugh)

I tried turning off the GPU acceleration (It's in the energy saver in system preferences). It is system wide, and it made no difference, the pixelation still occurs. We have taken our team off Teams and back to WhatsApp for the time being until a patch is forthcoming.

Worked for me too.... for about three days. Then it came back. I also noted that when the system goes to sleep for extended periods of time, like over night, it happens. During the course of the day, it happens if the system went on standby for a few hours.
This solution seems to be a partial fix but not complete.