Pinned drafts in Chats

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I wanted to ask if anyone has a similar problem:

I have some contact pinned to my chats but have never written anything with them. Under the name it says the chat is a draft.
Since last week there are multiple chats listed with the same person and every time I start Teams it will become one more.

Until last week it was totaly fine and I just saw the drafts. Now I have to unpin a chat then delete some of the "draft chats" and pin the chat again, bt there will be two when I restart Teams.


Has anyone got the same problem or has got a solution?


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Hi @blabla15 ,


I would raise this with Microsoft as that does seem odd. As normally a chat initiated for a second time, with the same person would just resume the one chat. It is slightly different if it is then say a chat with the one person, that then includes a second person as that would then become a chat in its own right.

I was then thinking if the pinning had anything to do with it, but surprised if it is doing what you have shown and especially if they are all in a draft state.