Pinned app not visible to users

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Hi all,


As an admin, I have uploaded a PowerApps app to Teams admin center. 

In my Org wide settings I have following setup:




For my permissions policies in the custom apps section, I have configured that this particular app i allowed and all others are blocked. This is done on the Global (Org-wide default) policy which is the only on in use at the moment.

For setup policies, also using Global (Org-wide default), I have added the new app and pinned it on top. 

Now when I access Teams with the same account used for the configurations, I can now see the pinned app just as expected.

That's all fine, but for some reason no other users can see it? They can search and find it in the app store, but the pinned app is not showing for anyone else than me?

Clearly I am missing something here, but I can't figure out what it is. 

Any ideas?


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Hi, assuming there's no differences comparing the account that's working with a non-working account (are they really assigned the same policy for ex.) my best guess is that it's either just a delay (depending on number of users and when you changed it) as it's the global policy, or that the other users need to refresh by signing out manually to speed it up.
Hi Christian,

Thank you for replying.

It was done last week, so even with a delay I would assume it was rolled out at this point.
I checked up on the policy and the users reporting the issue are assigned the same policy as my user for whom it works ( no users report being able to see it, so I assume this is an issue for all users).

I also thought it might just be a matter of a quick login/logout but that didn't help either.
Than I thought, ok this might be a problem with the Teams client, so I had the users try via the browser version, but again no dice.

Hi, should only be a couple of hours even though it can take longer so that's not the issue at least. So when going to 'Users' in TAC and comparing the two it looks exactly the same for the app permission policy and app setup policy (where it is also pinned?) as the "Add pinned apps" pane only shows apps that can be pinned. Note that the Org-wide app settings govern the behavior for all users and override any other app permission policies assigned to users (edit, just realized you attached a picture of that).


Perhaps you need to raise a support ticket with Microsoft? Let me know the outcome :)

@miclarsen1 Hi did you ever fix this? seeing the same issue.


Thank you!

@miclarsen1 @CCTron
I have the same issue, but only with one user. Did MS help either of you at all? Thank you!
The apps started showing up for users but it took a while, sometimes hours. Also for some users it took complete logout from Teams or Quitting Teams then starting again. It is not a simple process but eventually they start showing up.

My bigger issue is - the apps you create for internal SharePoint Lists, Forms, etc. do not totally work well for most users. Because they are displayed as HTML iFrames, some users on Mac might have authentication issues for example, while others in Windows see no issues.

Had high hopes for the apps on sidebar but not totally functional yet (for all users).

@miclarsen1  Same issue here. After >24hrs on New Teams the admin-pinned app (in our case Viva Connections) set in the 'Global (Org-wide default)' policy ain't showing up PINNED. It is in fact available when selecting the three-dots on lefthand Teams menu-bar, but don't want 200+ users to PIN this manually themselves.


Documentation says it should take 'a few hours to take effect' but >24hrs are more then a few if you'd ask me ;)


Hope it's a temp bug on MS-side...