Ping a location on a shared screen when I'm not the presenter

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Hi folks,


I support about 75 users of a cloud-based document management tool. Quite often one of my users will be sharing their screen and I'll want them to click something. Is there a way to "ping" or highlight a location on the user's shared screen so they know what I'm talking about? I was recently on a Zoom call with someone and he had the ability to ping places on my screen but I haven't seen the same capability in Teams.


Third-party solutions would be fine too.


Apologies if someone else has asked this. I've struggled with how to describe it so that search tools would help me. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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Microsoft Teams also offers a variety of features on Meetings, including the ability for users to collaborate through live screen sharing. Additionally, participants have the option to take control of the shared screen for various collaborative purposes.


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