Pin to Top in Files Tab of a Channel is not sticking

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I'm using Version (64-bit). It was last updated on 1/17/20.


I have two issues that I cannot figure out.  First: when in the Files Tab of a channel, I can select a Folder or File and Pin to Top.  It works - but when I leave that channel and come back, there is nothing Pinned to the top. Next, I change the view in the Files Tab, that view also does not stick when I leav the channel and return (e.g., changing to Tiles from List).


Is there a setting on the site that I'm mising?

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@KManford I'm seeing the same behavior. Version (64-bit). It was last updated on 2/1/20

It’s a known issue with files tab. No info about when we can expect a fix but it happens for everyone. teams seems to be overriding the default view every time you go to the files tab with its own view sorted by modified and no pin etc.

Only way around it is saving another view that you want and switching to that view when coming into the channel but that’s a pretty annoying work around. Hopefully they come out and update the files experience soon since it’s lacking a handful of features it’s missing and or just not working in general.

@KManford Same issues here. We were very excited about getting the new file tab experience, but now that it's here it feels half baked.


Additionally, we have a couple of channels that show old files immediately after clicking the files tab and then it refreshes to show a current file list. Also feels clunky to now click on the ... next to a file, select open, and then open in application name. I know this is the standard SharePoint experience, but it feels like a step backwards when everyone is used to simply clicking ... to the far right and selecting "Open in Desktop Application".



@Chris Webb  we have the same problem. @laurie pottmeyer do you know the status about this problem?