Pin Public Team to "Join or create a team" screen

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I've got a handful of public teams, but none of them is being displayed in the "join or create a team" screen.

If I search for specific names I can find them, but I'd like to have a couple of public teams pinned to this screen.


Any suggestions on how this can be achieved?


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Yeah, this isn't very consistent behavior so agree here. I was told that the suggestions are shown based on heuristics of user's affinity to public teams based on signals including their M365 collaboration patterns, and that it's not an exhaustive list. Don't really get it to be honest, but at least an explanation.
Could be an interesting adoption piece, making a public team visible to all users.
I think the alternative will be to just add everyone to the team, and just let them opt-out, but it feels more intrusive.
To occasionally promote a particular public team, or a new Community of Practice, would be great to be able to pin some teams to that screen, in addition to the heuristics driven choices