Pin multiple videos automatically in a Teams meeting?

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I'm trying to help a teacher set up a music lesson using Teams. The teacher would like to present using two windows at once (one on the teacher and the other a closeup of the intrument). I know that you can pin multiple videos from the participants' end. But this may be cumbersome to the students (mostly kids) to do each session. Is there a way to setup the Teams meeting so the videos are automatically pinned for everyone in the meeting (like spotlight from Skype)?

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Wanted to make sure this question had an answer for those asking the same thing even though it's an old one. Here's how to pin multiple people in a meeting - note, this view is for your view only: Adjust your view in a Teams meeting - Office Support (

If you'd like to pin a speaker view for everyone, you can do that - this is referred to as a spotlight: Spotlight someone's video in a Teams meeting - Office Support (