Pin Links to the Left-Hand Rail in Microsoft Teams

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I need to pin important links of SharePoint to the Left-Hand Rail in Microsoft Teams

I need to add SharePoint page link with icon under red border area.

Please check attached image for better understanding.


Can anyone help me with the same?


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Hello, use the Teams channels and "Add a tab" (the + sign in the menu bar) and there you have several options for SharePoint.

@thedeepponkiya If you want to pin it for all user (or group), and not having the user to pin it, you will need to create an app and modify the "setup policies"


You can create a custom app from teams itself via the "app studio" 



or via visual code

Create one with jsut a tab and provide the url of the concerned website


please note that this options, if you use a link, will not use the SSO or automatic login. You need to further dig.


As there are many approaches you should be more specific about the use case. We haven't even mentioned Viva here either..

@Vertebre85 Thanks for your feedback
Can you please let me know how to create custom application for teams via visual code?
If application created via visual code can i set link of SharePoint page directly in left hand rail without create tab?

Visual code I don't know how to do it. But it called the function from the "app studio app".
In App studio and viual code, the stuff you can pinned on the left, you need to create a landing page. And therefore you need at least one tab (if you don't have any tab you have nothing).