Pin Chat Users/Teams by Group

Copper Contributor

Would be fantastic if you could pin users in chat or teams/channels by collapsible groups. When you work in over 100 different teams and have many different people you interface with the standard panel layout becomes unwieldy. 

If I could pin users in the chat layout by collapsible groups like "Contractors", "Drafters".. etc. it would greatly increase productivity and limit frustration. 

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What about grouping your contacts by creating Groups. I know that is not the same as pinning, but it's something in the middle
I have found the same need and creating groups may not help. This is the scenario: there are 2 urgent tasks and need to chat separately with 20 people and next time it can be 15 people which same/different. I would need possibility to create pin group and then pin chat to specific group. So collapsible dynamic pin groups would work for me for sure.