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When will it be possible to pin and organise chats on mobile when using work accounts? If I switch to my personal account on mobile I have these features! In the desktop and web clients this has been possible for a long time already and according to the roadmap ( it should be fully rolled out on mobile also.

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Hi @Mattias Skog  According to this Uservoice item, this feature was completed in July 2021.  Please take a look and follow the link provided in the paragraph for more information: View Pinned Chats in mobile app – Welcome to UserVoice!

@ThereseSolimeno, I'm fully aware of the status both on UserVoice and on the Roadmap but it doesn't change the fact, I don't have that feature in my mobile app when using my work account! As I said in the original post, If I use my personal account in the mobile app the feature is there. Do you have this feature in your app? Does anyone here have it? 

@Mattias Skog same issues in the corporation app version, not showing the pinned chats

Sadly this issue remains to date (Feb 2023). Beyond annoying! Sadly, the link Therese posted is now dead (though I'll assume the OP is right that it didn't address Corp. accounts anyhow). Come now Microsoft - this is your new shining star! And a 18+ month delay like this is hard to excuse.