Pin Apps for External Users in Teams


Hello experts - We are trying to pin the apps for the external users who are accessing our Teams. We are looking to pin one of our custom apps to the Navigation Pane. We have applied policies via M365 Group as well as via directly to the user. With the both the approaches we are unable to pin the app to the external users.

For the users who are part of AD, everything works as expected while for guests pinned apps are not showing up. Is that an intended behavior? 


We understand from the external users cannot add the App themselves, but it could be done via Policies which we are using in our case.


Screenshot of the AD user where policy is implemented.



Screenshot for the Guest user with the same policy.




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@ArjunMenon Hello, AFAIK this isn't supported for external and anonymous users using the app setup policy (where you pin).


Thanks for the super quick response. Even I doubted that it might not be possible.

Since it was not mentioned in the documentation that it is not possible, I was wondering whether it is available.