Picture updated in mobile phone app, but not in meeting on pc

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Hello everybody, I have changed my profile picture yesterday and it got updated on both mobile phone and pc app when I click on my account, but when I am in a meeting using pc app, my icon in the lower right corner has the old picture which is not the case when I log in the meeting through mobile app. In mobile app everything got updated, but in pc not when I'm in a meeting.
Thank you for your help.
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Hi, and how's the behavior using Teams online with a browser? If everything looks good there as well it's probably a cache related issue or case of waiting for it to populate. You can sign out manually (top right corner) to refresh all settings as well. There's also the possibility to remove the Teams cache. Quickest way is to type %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams via Start and hit enter and then delete all the content in that folder.