Photos in Teams Conversations: How to save them to Sharepoint folder

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Hi Community Members, 
Have been unable to find an obvious solution to seemingly trivial scenario - storing photos from within a specific Teams Conversation to a dedicated folder on either Sharepoint or OneDrive for Business
Other types of files I can see automatically listed under the 'files' tab, but the photos are not included there?  
Any suggestions on configuration, or workarounds appreciated.  

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I can't think of a way to automate it, but you can open each image and then download to a folder that syncs from your machine to SharePoint.


What's the scenario you are trying to achieve? In Teams photos are treated in the same way as chat and not held in SharePoint. Could you get the photos loaded into SharePoint first then shared in the channel?

I'm not sure I understand the problem.


In my Teams channels, I am seeing the Files tab, and in it I see all of the image files that users may have added to a discussion in the channel.  *.jpg, *.png and *.jpeg files are all listed in the Files tab and are shown in SharePoint.  

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You have to upload on the files tab or use the attach button for photos to save to files. You can’t just paste images into chat threads and have them show up which is what most people expect to happen with the pasted images.

You might be able to write a repeating job that gets messages from a channel and the image content and put it somewhere but you wouldn’t get an kind of Metadata from that and it would end up a mess of files so don’t really recommend that :).

Hi, Thank You Christopher,

The issue is that the conversation is about specific tasks for team members and when the tasks are completed the individual takes a photo of the completed work and pastes into the conversation. 
I guess my expectation was that photos pasted into the conversation would be grouped together and/or stored similarly to other file types. I assumed wrong. 
I have to instruct them not to use the 'paste' function but to add the photos via the 'attach' button. TY

Is there someone at microsoft reading this that can fix this issue please? It's quite frustrating to have a technical diagram "stuck" in some unreadable and unsaveable format in teams. Typically what people expect to happen is to be able to right click -> save as. This is the intuitive behaviour that people expect to occur on teams. Unfortunately there is none of that, you have to screen capture it and save it that way.

I'm now on the hunt for a piece of software that runs under windows that i can save the image to a file in. I tried microsoft photos but there's no obvious way to paste the image in there. I can also no paste into microsoft paint.


This leaves me no choice but to download and install gimp, take a screenshot of the window, crop it and save the file that way.


Microsoft teams isn't fit for purpose. The point of software is to make things easier. You couldn't possibly have made this any harder.

I have noticed that it is possible to just drag and drop photos from the chat into a folder in the Windows Explorer...

@Mathias Hammarsten 


That's very useful information - thanks.

@Mathias Hammarsten When you Drag & Drop, the image is saved at a much lower resolution of 800x600

If you drag such images to an Explorer folder, they do become fairly low-res images. The secret is to double click on an image. Then there with be a download button at the top right of Teams and the downloaded image will retain its resolution.

@Chris Webb "You can’t just paste images into chat threads and have them show up which is what most people expect to happen with the pasted images."


Why not?  It's a "normal/standard/popular/etc" thing users desire.


I know this original thread is old but as I look for the solution I came across it and thought your response was interesting.  Here's to hoping this has been "resolved" or a new "feature" has since been created.  Please let me know.


We would like to make Teams our repository for all activity around our operations.  95% of our use of Teams is from the mobile client.  When we need to go to a channel we would like to see all photos posted in that channel...and as far as I know currently in Teams (unlike Messages for example that does show all photos posted to a thread) we can't do that.



@corbinh wrote:

Why not?  It's a "normal/standard/popular/etc" thing users desire.


An awful lot of people would not 'desire' that every novelty image shared in their team ends up in the SharePoint document library. Also if someone in SharePoint deleted an image, back in Teams the post would be broken.

What we need is flexibility and configurability to let it meet all use cases.


@Steven Collier I agree because an awful lot of people (based on posts I see) desire it to work the way we desire it to.  So to handle both use cases it should be an easy admin option to select.

@Martyn120 You can't even copy and paste it into MSPaint to save it...

@SvenT , don't know if you already have the answer you need, but you could just simply download the photo... (office 365 at least could do it... other versions I'm not sure)


1 - click on the photo



2 - click on download


@Martyn120I use Irfan View, it recognises the wrong png files as jpg and suggests to convert it


Bit late reply but maybe someone can use, as MS hasn't fixed this yet.

Edit: I use Irfan View after i downloaded the image from Teams chat. Open in IV and it automatically suggests to convert to jpg for example.