Phone numbers displayed without without "+" at the beginning

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I assigned phone numbers to users using PowerShell and the following cmdlet:
Set-CsUser -identity "user name" -EnterpriseVoiceEnabled$true -HostedVoicemail$true -OnPremlineURItel:"+49xxxxxxxxx"
Nevertheless in Teams admin center the phone numbers are displayed without "+" at the beginning.
After running the command Get-CsOnlineUser the phone number seems to be correct, with "+".
Is it posible to create resource accounts and virtual users for all telephone numbers and use this to distribute the calls to the users. Or are there any disadvantages?
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In case you create virtual users and assign them with the numbers there would be additional cost for the licenses of the virtual users.

In case you want to assign the users with extension and route the inbound and outbound call via Auto-Attendant CLI you could do that saving the cost on the DID which generally the Service Provider charge.

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Hi @Satish2805
Phone System and Calling Plan licenses are assigned to the user, but cannot receive phone calls in Teams. What could be the reason?
Have you assigned a phone number too? You must assign a phone number in addition to adding a license to users.
Phone numbers are assigned and phone system and calling plans are assigned as well.
See if the support assistant can help you. I Microsoft 365 Admin center select Support > New Service Request in the menu. Type "Diag: Teams PSTN" in the search box. You can then enter the username of the user with issues and get some help.
Receive the following error message: "The LineUri property does not have a value."
The cmdlet in PowerShell Get-CsOnlineuser instead shows that there is the phone number entered.

Seems to the issue with the users specific account. Can you please check if there is any issue reported with you run the following command for the user.

Get-CsOnlineuser -identity -userid for the user facing the issue.