Phone call is put on hold when receiving Teams chat message

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Not sure if this is a Teams problem or Android 11?

When on a regular call (not through Teams) and I receive a chat message via Teams , my ongoing phone call is put on hold...

I've recently updated to Android 11 on my Galaxy Note 10+

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@stregnil did you ever get an answer to this or solution? I have similar issues with this...

This is happening to me now as well. I've removed all Microsoft apps and the account from the accounts section of my phone and it's still happening if I make a Teams call. The real world issues is that I'm waiting on hold for hours to get through to a representative at a company and I'd like to be able to not have Teams throw it on hold. I've missed the representative once already because they answered while I was in a Teams meeting that I didn't even need to be talking on. I have a Google Pixel 4a.

@JustinS435 we solved it, its a notification issue, switch notification style and it should be resolved!
Change your notifications style in Teams (