Phone Audio option at "join now" screen not showing dial in info

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Hello, everyone.


When folks in our organization are at the "choose your audio and video settings for.." screen when joining a Teams Meeting in the desktop app, there are three "other join options" at the bottom of the screen.


It used to be that when we selected the join by phone option, Teams would display both dial-in meeting info and the option for the meeting to call out to your phone.

When selecting "phone audio" our users receive one of two errors:

"Your speakers aren't working"




"Phone audio isn't available
unmute your mic for meeting audio."



We had to recently disable "dial-out from meetings" on all users with an audio conference license due to outbound minutes issues (Teams Admin> Users> open user> Account/Audio Conferencing> Edit> Dial-out from meetings> Don't allow) but this shouldn't prevent us from seeing the dial-in info, correct? I turned this option back on for another user but the issue persists so I think not.


If you've joined the meeting but want to see the dial-in info, we see a message that says "info pane is disabled by policies." This appears to be a known issue from 2017 with no resolution.

Meeting Info panel is not showing up intermittently.Meeting Info panel may not show in Teams client when users are trying to look up for conference bridge phone numbers or conference ID.Look at meeting details or Outlook calendar to view conference bridge phone numbers or conference ID.



Its cumbersome to have users go back to their Outlook invite to view the dial-in info. Its also cumbersome to leave the meeting and select the meeting info option to then view the info.

So looping back to the original question, any idea why we're receiving these error messages when selecting the "phone audio" option? Why is the option here in the first place?

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Usually the dial in info is on the Meeting Info when in the meeting you click ... show meeting details. This is where I've always got the info. I think the phone option at join is just for dial out so disabling that killed the option. It's possible that it could take some time to fully take hold as well, give it 24 hours and see if it changes at all as well.

@Chris WebbI don't see "show meeting details" while in the meeting. I see the "info pane is disabled by policies" which is greyed out and shown to be a bug (see original post). Can't find a policy in the admin center that would cause this.



And thank you for replying! I'll take any leads I can get with this issue.


Are you joining an existing meeting that once had an audio conferencing tied to it or starting an ew meet now meeting and seeing that?

@Chris WebbIts a future meeting where the creator has an audio conference license. The meeting details in the Teams calendar/event show all relevant info, links, dial in numbers, etc. We've replicated the issue with scheduled meetings "happening now" and meetings on the fly.

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Sounds odd, I don't know a standard policy setting that would effect that. I'd suggest getting a support request started. I found this comment on a uservoice about the issue

"At my organization, we see the Info pane most of the time, except for meeting series where the Conference ID is completely broken. In these cases the info pane icon is grayed out, and we see the "Info pane is disabled by policies" message. For us, we have seen this but only when there is an issue with the conference info-- something broke on the Microsoft side where we cannot connect to the conference ID. It had nothing to do with policies as we've set things up correctly and they work most of the time. For this specific 'broken conference ID' issue, the only resolution is to cancel the Teams meeting and generate a brand new one."

Seems it could be same issue with broken conference ID, I'd contact support and see if they might have something that can fix you up.

I think you're right about contacting support. The meeting I'm testing with was created recently and not a persistent meeting  I'll respond here if we ever figure it out root cause. Thanks for all your help!



I have this exact problem when I was also disabling outbound call for users.

We didn't want the toll charges either especially as we use pay-per-minute.


It is supposed to disable the "call me" options for attendees but it seems to break the phone call in all together. 


Let me know if you ever got a resolution for this.


@Collin_Bourgeois_TS I am also having the same issue. When we select the audio via phone option it does not show when we enter the meeting and the info pane is disabled for some reason. Ive re-enabled the dial out function to see if it makes a difference but im sure it will take several hours to activate. 



Following up on this. After re-enabling the dial out function the info pane and audio option when joining the meeting now work. Problem is we dont want people to be using this function any recommendation on how to limit this or fix it.