Phone audio: how to link dial-in to attendee

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When a teams user uses the phone audio option for a meeting while using their teams client for sharing/video, there is different behavior when they choose the "call me" option versus the dial-in option.  When using "call me" the audio is linked to the teams attendee.  When the user selects to dial-in, there seems to be no way to link the audio with the teams client/user, so it creates an extra meeting attendee.  This affects the video in the meeting since it does not "focus" video on the phone audio speaker when they talk.  There are times when dial-in is the only or easiest option (where the direct dial # in a conference room is unknown, etc).  Is there any way to link the dial-in phone audio with the teams attendee (using their PIN perhaps)?  Thx!

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@glenmcleroy did you ever find a solution for this?

No, did not. Our workaround has been to label conference room phones with the direct dial # and train folks to use "call me".