Personal Teams Account - Cannot Create or Join Teams (Office 365 Subscriber)

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I just left a company that used Teams, and no longer have access. However, I appreciated the functionality, and still need Teams access to be able to join other Teams for collaboration or create my own. As such, I signed up for an Office 365 account this week. However, when I sign into Teams with this account, I have no option to create a team or join someone else's team. The only options are Activity, Chat, and Calendar. Even utilizing a link from a collaborator to join their Team does nothing.

Is there a step that I am missing? I have read on multiple other sites and they all seem to point to restricted access. However, since this is a personal account, unrelated to any business, I do not see how this could be the case for me.

Any insights on how to fix this or how to join my clients' Teams?




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@JamieNickerson Teams for personal life is limited when it comes to the business features. When you have been invited as a guest/added to a team you need to use the "tenant switcher" in the top right corner to enter that organization.


(removed org. names but you get the picture)






Thank you. Every time I tried to use the link to join a Team, it was not adding them to my list, even as a guest. I'm still having the issue with my desktop app, but I was able to access it via the web app today. I will try and delete my desktop app and try again. I appreciate the response.