Personal Pronouns in Teams

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I'm looking for suggestions or roadmap information about adding personal pronouns within Microsoft profile, specifically for viewing in Teams. I'm not seeing a good way to do it currently and have had a number of asks related to this topic recently. Any guidance is appreciated! 

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Hi! I’d recommend voting on this uservoice! This one is also currently under review by Microsoft!


In response to Microsoft's lack of action on this I have created a petition. Appreciate any support.

I am getting asks from my organization as well. Any additional information would be appreciated
Just checked and I'm not seeing anything... thought maybe I was missing something.

@adam deltinger unfortunately that uservoice is no longer available. :(

@ehacking60 - Microsoft moved their UserVoice content to their own Feedback Portal. Here's the updated link.


Include pronouns before classmates' names in order to identify their gender · Community (microsoft.c...

@Cathy245 Just signed! Thank you for this advocacy.

My employer (Dell Technologies) makes heavy use of MS Teams internally. I rely upon communication of my pronouns so that folks in meetings do not misgender me, which often happens. Adding pronouns to display next to my name would bring MS Teams up to par with its competitors Slack and Zoom, both of which already have these fields.