Personal Pronouns in Teams

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I'm looking for suggestions or roadmap information about adding personal pronouns within Microsoft profile, specifically for viewing in Teams. I'm not seeing a good way to do it currently and have had a number of asks related to this topic recently. Any guidance is appreciated! 

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Hi! I’d recommend voting on this uservoice! This one is also currently under review by Microsoft!


In response to Microsoft's lack of action on this I have created a petition. Appreciate any support.

I am getting asks from my organization as well. Any additional information would be appreciated
Just checked and I'm not seeing anything... thought maybe I was missing something.

@adam deltinger unfortunately that uservoice is no longer available. :(

@ehacking60 - Microsoft moved their UserVoice content to their own Feedback Portal. Here's the updated link.


Include pronouns before classmates' names in order to identify their gender · Community (microsoft.c...

@Cathy245 Just signed! Thank you for this advocacy.