Personal Chats Duration- How long viewable in Chat?

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I have searched for this basic information, but did not find an answer. In CHAT, are there a number of chats that limited in the list - so the more chats you have the faster the old ones will roll off or is it based on time - chats are deleted after 90 days, etc.? 


For example, my personal chats go back to July. 

And once they are not viewable in the CHAT, are they gone permanently?


Thank you for any help!


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Nothing is deleted, it's only hidden based on inactivity. Scrolling up will cause older chats to load, and if the chat entry itself is not visible anymore on the left nav pane, you can reopen it by starting a chat with the same user (or group of users).
The only situation where chats can be deleted is when an admin has configured a retention policy.
Thank you for the response! I was able to use search and locate the chat because I wasn't able to recall all the group members. Thanks again!