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Due to COVID, I hosted a teams meeting on my personal account for my wedding so family and friends can watch online. We recorded the meeting but now it’s missing. Does anyone know if it’s still there somewhere? I’ve checked the chat, the onedrive, the files....etc. I don’t see it anywhere.

Any advice is appreciated!
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@SSalman Hello, sorry to hear about the lost recording. I think you could have experienced what happened to me some time ago. According to the official docs you'll need a paid subscription to record a meeting but I could still record using Teams free and was totally surprised. Not anymore though, so perhaps it was a glitch or something similar. So when using Teams free or Teams for personal use there's no recording option, well you can see the option greyed out in Teams free but it's not included, at least by judging from the official docs.


But it's the Stream service that does the recording though so I suppose it depends if they had included it and now withdrawn or something. I don't know to be honest.


I will try and ping @Sam Cosby and @ThereseSolimeno to see if they know more about this. I totally understand that you want your wedding recording!

@ChristianJBergstrom that's correct. There was an unintentional 'allow' in Teams Free which allowed recording but has since been removed. However, this is a scenario that I want to be sure we at least help with as I can't imagine not having the recording to my wedding! @SSalman let me ping you directly to see how we can help you further. 

@Sam Cosby Thanks Sam, you're the best :)