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Hello, I'm trying to set up a new auto attendant with a simple flow:

First, people call our main line number, then it goes to the designated person, if the person is not available or on the call say it goes to the IVR menu and then to a voicemail.


Now, the issue I have is, when I call our # I never go to the designated person, instead it goes right to IVR (which works) but that is not a desirable result.

Any ideas why it could be?




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Can you try redirecting the call(person in org and pick the operator) as opposed to playing menu options and pick the person and then get into call routing if the person does not answer?


@Bipin-prakash the issue here is the call never goes to the operator at all. IT goes to the dial menu with our greeting right away, where the caller could dial a name or press a number.

@Bipin-prakash, hey actually that worked but this workaround doesn't suppress the user's voicemail. Also, if the person did not pick up the call it dies without going to the call logic.

So the question is the same, why I cannot put a call queue or operator or even external number before the IVR menu. 

@Dima Razbornov Hi, Yeah I am not sure why... I am not seeing an option where the operator preempts the IVR menu. I tested and it routes correctly if I have an option set to choose operator and it routes to the operator specified in the options. 

Well, the operator is on the first page and then IVR goes. As far as I understand it. And according to docs, it should... just work.

To designate an operator, specify the destination for calls to the operator. This designation is optional but recommended. Set the Operator option to allow callers to break out of the menus and speak to a designated person.

So it is supposed to have the receptionist first and then the IVR menu. Am I reading it wrong?

@Dima Razbornov I am going to try creating an auto attendant later without any IVR and see if that works and if it is the introduction of the IVR that causes the auto attendant to get booted from the picture... Will let you know what I am seeing.