Persistent Filter in Bucketlist

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is it possible to set a persistent filter in the bucketlist ?

Like sort by priority always when the tab tasks will be opend?


Thank you so far!

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Where does the information live that you are filtering? Is this in a List that you are viewing through a tab on Teams?

Hi, have a look at the pic.

I would like to open "Aufgaben" always with the filter by priority when it is opened.
At the moment it has to set everytime.
Something like last time choosen setting as preset would be nice



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This looks like you created a Tab with a link to a List. This doesn't look like a Teams setting.


You can create views on lists. In the settings, you can set grouping, sorting, and filters. This isn't a Teams setting. It's a List Setting.

In the header menu, go to the "All Items" drop down menu.
"Create New View"
Enter a "View name", "Create".
Then open the view, click "Edit View", and you can choose to save the desired options for sort, filter, group by, style, etc.