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The naming convention for users at our university is "lastname, firstname".  As such, I can't search for "John Doe".  Rather, search only returns results for "Doe, John".  


Is there something in the administrative settings we can change to make this search more broad?

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You can change the displayname in office 365! The account name remains the same but the correct order is viewed among services

It's also weird to notify people by @Doe, John in a conversation. The answer is however as Adam stated, change the displaynames in AD, as effectively your university chose that format.

That's a bit too much, don't you think? Other applications have figured out how to search for users when such naming convention is used, surely Teams can do the same.

Well, yeah, though it doesn’t work! I’ll check this later on in my client how the search behave! It was more a tip also overall to set the display names in the right order even though the naming conventions for login name is backwards :)

One workaround we've found to notify people is to type @Doe, John then use the cursor to come back and click on Doe, then backspace/delete to remove it; leaving "John".

Setting display names in the "right" order is more of an art than a science.  I'd prefer that the search function would look for "firstname" and/or "lastname".