Peer to Peer Call Recording for Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams has now officially released a much-awaited feature which was missing from Microsoft Teams as well as Skype for Business Application. Recording the Peer to Peer Calls in now officially available in Microsoft Teams Client.



Now we can record the Peer to Peer Recording like Microsoft Teams Meeting and the recording gets stored on Microsoft Stream. There are some license pre-requisite that needs to be adhered to be capable to record the calls.

Currently all the recording can be shared within the organization but in case we want to share the recording with external users we need to down the recording and share the recording via OneDrive or SharePoint Online.



Pre-Requisite for Microsoft Teams Recording and Setting


How to Share and Play the Microsoft Teams Recording

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@Satish2805 Is this the same thing as PSTN call recording in Teams and asked for in this UserVoice ?

Yes this is mostly the same. But the any calls going to the PSTN Network Still Cannot be Recorded. Once it is available it will be a total package.
And do we have an ETA when the total package including PSTN recording will be available?

Hi @mikaelandersson 


I cannot assure on the same but should be available by End of June.


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Satish U

@Satish2805 thanks a lot for the estimate, since this is currently a showstopper for us regarding migration from SfB to Teams only.



Hi - hope all is well.


FYI - to add to Satish's note --- this is just internal org Teams recording.  No PSTN, no federated capabilities, etc.  MSFT's stated intent with "convenience recording" is very limited.


If you need Teams recording for inbound/outbound PSTN, federated, etc --- this is what is being delivered by partner solutions --- expect some announcements by MSFT very soon on GA.


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David Bleecker

@Satish2805 I'm hoping call recording for PSTN that is automatically triggered every time comes up soon. We can;t migrate customer to Teams with telephony as vendors are charging a rip off for call recording funcionality with direct routing. It is simnply not commercially viable to have Teams for a company that needs call recording at this stage. We need a solution to keep Teams competitive.

Hi @AlexB 


PSTN Call Recording is expected to the released between July to September Globally that is what I heard from Microsoft on one of the session which I was attending with the Microsoft Teams.


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Satish U 


will that cover recording from Mobile Phones with Teams client and PSTN via Direct Routing or Calling plans


@David Bleecker 


Hi, where 1-1 RECORDINGS will be stored

All the PSTN Call Recordings Feature from Mobile App or from the Desktop App will be released July as due to the CoViD Situation the changes have happened in the schedule.

@Satish2805 any updates here, it's now August and still no peer to peer call recording available?



Has there been any update on this feature - PSTN call recording in MSFT Teams?

As of April 28, 2021, Microsoft 365 Roadmap feature ID 68777 states the following:


Description: Microsoft Teams: 1:1 PSTN Call Recording

Status: In development

Release: June CY2021

Does the Start recording button show up for anyone? It says Launched but I still don't have this recording feature.
I’ve notified a similar issue in my test platform and this is probably down to the client version. I resolved this by using the web client until my teams client is updated.
Ah, I was wondering if it was a client version issue but never thought to try online; thanks, Tim.

I tried in dev tenant but I do not get the option for recording yet. I have E5 license.