Peer to peer audio video session with MTR device

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Hi all,

I added Poly X50 collab bar into Teams with resouse account according to decsription on Later I was asked why it is not possible to place a direct audio/video call to a Teams Rooms room account. A user search in his Teams client for the room, the room account is found, and screen  "You're starting a new conversation" is displayed. But user complains that  audio call and video call buttons are missing.

I tried to explain the user that it is like that by design as that is how I understand the logic of Teams Rooms systems. I instructed him to run Meet Now or create scheduled meeting and invite the room account. I am convinced that this is how MTR supposed to be used. Anyway user insisted on having capability to "call" meeting room account like he is used to when calling other users.
Is it possible that I did something wrong during the MTR setup which prevents audio and video call buttons from appearing in user to room chat session?
Thanks, Michal
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How have you licensed the X50? You should be using a Meeting Room license. I can call all my MTRs directly inside or outside the tenant.

@Graham Walsh Yes, I licensed it with meeting room license.