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Our organization went live with Office 365 two weeks ago and specifically we rolled out Teams as our way to getting work done. One thing we've run into is the inability to collaborate and edit pdf files within Teams like we can with the office documents. Has anyone come up with a workaround for this?

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@nate_rohe Why do they need to be PDF files? can you now open them in Word then save a .docx ?

You can have conversations about a pdf, but not edit it in Teams! You might convert to a docx for editing and then back but there’s no built in PDF editor!
As well as there is a tab for adobe cloud which lets you access your adobe files but nothing more!

MS and Adobe are working together quite a bit these days and hopefully this will be integrated in MS products as well more than just converting to pdf , tabs etc.

I’m not aware of this and haven’t heard anything about it more than it’s been raised quite a few times
I’d suggest using user voice for this request!

@Steven CollierIt's mainly when working with our Graphics department. They are using InDesign and saving them as a pdf so other staff can review them.

In this case one more step:

Step 1 .File -> Export -> Adobe PDF
Step 2. File -> Save -> Microsoft Word

@adam deltinger I am finding this a few months after the initial conversation and have a similar question as the original.  We just started using Teams at my engineering firm to collaborate but most of the work we do is in PDF drawing files (we use BlueBeam).  Is there a way to collaborate/exchange redlines on a PDF document through Teams?  Of is the workaround to download off of Teams, make edits, and then re-upload?  I would like to get around potential version control issues arising from this if possible.

No, theres No ways to edit a pdf through Teams! You can convert pdf’s to word and do it that way!

@Andrew350 - Our workaround is to open the Files tab in SharePoint, click on the name of the pdf file  to open it in Adobe Document Cloud. From this view you can mark up the pdf file and the markups will save with the file.  

@adam deltinger this trick doesn't work for pdf's of engineering drawings.

@Steven Collier @adam deltinger


Convert to Word does not work for scanned invoices. As an accountant and former auditor, it is kind of sketchy to have all your financial records and monthly reviews in Word and Excel. .pdf is a pretty standard format for my industry, so “make it a Word” file, is not an acceptable work around. Thank you for the suggestions though.

how? without the use of adobe reader. is it possible?

@nate_rohe while not an ultimate solution, I think I may have discovered a work around for this problem. At least a good enough work around for our organization. I found you can map a sharepoint library as a local drive on your computer (see Once I did this I was able to open a pdf file on the mapped drive by simply double clicking on it as I would any other pdf file. I am not sure how this work work with other pdf apps but I am using FoxiIt Reader v8.2 (fingers crossed it will work similarly with Adobe Acrobat as that is what most of the rest of our company uses). Foxit asked if I wanted to check the file out for editing and I selected yes and opened the file. I made annotations to the file and then when I closed it Foxit asked if I wanted to check the file back in, which I did. I then reopened the file in Foxit and the annotations were still there, and when I view the pdf file in Teams the revisions reflect there as well.


(Learning I could map a sharepoint drive was something else that will be a huge help for our organization. I've only tested it briefly this evening but so far, so good...) 

Is there any way to edit / fill in a pdf form (editable sections) in Teams? @adam deltinger