Pasting an image from Snagit into Teams

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I see a similar topic was posted over 2 years ago about this...the weird thing is, I used to be able to copy and paste an image from snagit right into a teams chat with no problem. Within the last few months or so, I can no longer do this. Did any settings change in regards to this? I find it very counterproductive to have to save the image, then upload it from where I saved it and download it into Teams. Thanks in advance! 

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Hiya -I have not seen an issue with this personally and have just tried it to make sure it works for me... One thing worth trying it to make sure in Windows 10/11 that you have the ClipBoard history enabled and then to try this again but use WINDOWS+V rather than CTRL+V to paste.

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I am having the same issue. I have not found a solution yet. Not sure if it broke during an update. 
Snagit version 2021.4.4

I also have the same issue. I can copy paste from Snipping Tool or Paint, but not SnagIT.
I am currently ussing SnatIT version 2019.01

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This can be fixed if you disable the image transparency on the clipboard. Just go in your Editor preferences, under the share tab and Click the check box. 




Thanks, the solution of disabling transparency works perfectly

I had this same issue with Greenshot, and disabling the advanced setting "Clipboard Format: HTML" resolved the issue.