Parts missing from my Teams Admin Center !

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I have the role Global Admin Reader.

I am training the Teams Admins in my organisation.

In the Teams Admin Center the following options are not visible to me:

  • Teams - Manage Teams
  • Teams Apps (and therefore Manage Apps, Permission Policies and Setup policies are not visible either)
  • Planning - Teams Advisor

Please, does anyone have any idea why this would be, and what I should do to get them to become available in the Teams Admin Center?

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Hi @MaryHill

It's known that the Global Reader role has some limitations, see here

Global reader role has a few limitations right now -

OneDrive admin center - OneDrive admin center does not support the Global reader role.
Azure AD portal - Global reader can't read the provisioning mode of an enterprise app.
M365 admin center - Global reader can't read customer lockbox requests. You won't find the Customer lockbox requests tab under Support in the left pane of M365 Admin Center.
Office Security & Compliance Center - Global reader can't read SCC audit logs, do content search, or see Secure Score.
Teams admin center - Global reader cannot read Teams lifecycle, Analytics & reports, IP phone device management and App catalog.
Privileged Access Management (PAM) doesn't support the Global reader role.
Azure Information Protection - Global reader is supported for central reporting only, and when your Azure AD organization isn't on the unified labeling platform.
These features are currently in development.

So nothing which can be done currently until Microsoft develop it. If you want to see them you are going to have to have the Teams Service Admin role assigned or spin up a demo tenant to use for the training

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris
Just some update to the previous answer in case someone reaches this page in 2022:
- OneDrive admin center: settings were merged/moved to the SharePoint Online admin center
- Privilege access management appears to be now supported when connecting with the Global reader role.