Participants list not showing during a call

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Hi, I'm making a call in TEAMS one to one with one of my contacts, it works fine.

I want to invite another contact to my current call (conference at 3), but I can't see the participants list.

On the opposite, if I am in a meeting the list is visible.

How in a one to one call, invite another contact to join the call?

Thank's for help.


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Do you have the "People" icon to click it? that should show the participants list

@Andres Gorzelany 

No, that's why I'm asking. In which context or configuration, during calls, the participant list icon is available.

Can you show a screenshot?
In fact, I think the participent list doesn't show when I call an external person from our organization.
If I call somone from inside our organization/domain, the icon is indeed available and I can invite someone else to join the call.
Is there a particular setting with external contact?
Is it the standard behavior?
Very strange, because now I made a test call with a pinned external contact and now I have indeed the participant list.
I made another test call with an external contact not pinned and I have indeed alsoe the participant list icon visiable.
Some setting has been unlocked, I guess.....