Participant List with time in and time out and how to make owner (teacher ) only can start the meet

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I want to know that any new feature to make teacher only start the meeting in private channel not student.

any Near future update for Attendance of participant in meeting with time in or time out 

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The ability to export a list with all participants will come this week (probably) according to the uservoice.


For your your other question to force students to wait for the teacher before starting a meeting there are a couple of features that we are waiting for that can help you:


For everyone to stay in the lobby there is this uservoice with status "Working on it"


There is also a roadmap item that should be released in May that will only allow users with permissions to create meetings to start them. So if you don't allow students to create meetings they won't be able to start meetings.


Thanks for your reply and good to see Microsoft has done two most important change that is participant list and and meeting option for private channel meeting as well 


I just want know is there any way meet now option to be disabled for student in general and Private channel as after the meeting is over student and their parent are using for their personal talk

thanks in advance

Vinod Srivastava