Participant is "muted" - without any interaction (driver problem?)

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we are having one colleague that is muted during a meeting.

Means that no one can hear him anymore - but the mute sign is not set.

If he mutes and unmutes himself - it starts working again. I cannot find a similar incident on the internet.

The next time that happens i try to get the log files and the debug log files.


As it is not possible to reproduce because it just happens when it happens - i did not open up a MS ticket yet ;)




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Do you know what type of headset they might be using? I've had issues previously with Plantronics headsets re-muting themselves , but the Teams client does see it is muted.

The only time I've seen an issue with the device appearing to not be muted, but still being muted is with some conferencing gear where it has its own settings and isn't using the Teams client.