participant cameras turn off during meetings

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Since the latest teams upgrade I can now see all of my team in our daily meetings which is great.  But often at the start of the meeting I see all 8 of them and then as the meeting goes on each camera turns off and I can only see their circle icon.  Sometimes they all the cameras turn off and other times all but one turns off (when this happens the camera that is on isn't the person speaking).  Previously when you could only see 3-4 participant cameras I never had this issue.


I have asked my team and they haven't turned their cameras off and they don't have this issue.  What could be causing this?  Its very difficult to only hear audio and not be able to see the person speaking.

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@Rominanz If you start off being able to see all video, and they don't turn it off, then Microsoft Teams will stop showing the video if there is bandwidth issues on your side. Teams will try to show them again. I've noticed it if someone is sharing their screen, the videos are replaced with their photos or icon, then the video will appear again. 


Microsoft are working on reducing the bandwidth when on a call.

@Henry Edwards  Is there any bindwith range when this happens ? I would like to give know what is the minimum required upload/download rate.  

@Rominanz  Here are few things you can try :


  1. Switch from gallery view to large gallery view. This allows you to see all participants on the camera. 
  2. You can toggle between these views
  3. When you share the screen , the video minimizes to the bottom or become icons. This also happens, when you use the Focus option. 
  4. You could also try to pin the participants you want to keep on the main screen
  5. Spotlight offers you the option, to highlight who is speaking to the entire group. In this case, the person who is speaking will override the scree-sharing. The participants, can toggle between the person who has been spotlighted and the content shared.