Parents being able to see assignments

Ayaz Younis

Hi all, we would like parents to be able to see what assignments have been set for their child in Teams. Is there any way of doing this? Currently we use the 6 CSV sync method to import users and classes into O365.



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Hi @Ayaz Younis,

Not currently - however there is a Uservoice open for a Parent View where they can see their child’s assignments here

Would recommending voting to push it up the agenda. Also, there is one for the class notebook too

I voted on both of these myself. As a massive evangelist of Teams I would love to be able to see my child’s assignments and notebooks in Teams - and also be notified if it’s close to the due date and they haven’t turned it in!

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris
Hi Ayaz,

SDS supports parent contact sync, so you’ll need to add those data to your CSVs.

When school starts after the summer there will be a weekly digest mail from Teams EDU, covering last weeks assignments as well as those due in the coming week.


Thanks for this.


Sounds promising. I presume it is a simple email with which assignment has been set without any great detail? In other words, would the parent be able to see what the assignment is, and whether their child has completed the assignment?



Hi guys,

Yes, that was the point I was trying to get at. Magnus is 100% right in terms of SDS and the weekly digest. However, the digest itself is an upcoming feature and one that, from the article, is intended as a prelude to much greater parental access. From what I understood Ayaz is that you would ideally want access to an area where the parent can review the assignments are submitted and be able to review it, in addition to this digest?

Best, Chris

EDIT: Image didn't show.

You're most welcome.


It's going to be relatively basic initially, but as you see in the following blog post you should see some information about the assignment, including whether or not it's completed by your child.

@Ayaz Younis 


Thats correct. Only need to see the Assignments really. Don't need to see any conversations, or class notebooks.

That's great Magnus. That should tick the box for us. Looking forward to it.

@Magnus Sandtorv  is this feature active right now in teams, and how to access it? We do sync the parents, but no way how to make them show up in outlook or whatever (student + parent link can be usefull elswhere too)

Best regards



It seems this feature has been slightly delayed, but it shouldn't be long now.


@Magnus Sandtorv, thanks for this quick reply. Waiting for the update. If it's fast, you might get some belgian beerware...


Best regards,



You should be able to enable now, in assignments within Teams Admin Center. Fast enough for ya? :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:

this is Magnustific! Got to talk to my tech admins to be able to see. Thanks!
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