paging solution to work with MS Teams

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Hi Team, 


Do you have any solution for paging  to work with MS Teams

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Unfortunately, paging is not supported with Teams. :( Sorry.
do we have alternative options to have options enabled
You may want to check this from Singlewire
Microsoft has now certified some Algo devices for Teams. Using a Shared Device License (common area phone).
I heard an announcement that other devices will be avaiable soon but this is the best I found online direct from Microsoft.

@sgasco71 I tried to set this algo device up and it didn't work with my Valcom v2001a. I had to bypass the Valcom and hook it directly to one single zone. The Valcom would never relay the signal to the block that ties into the zones. Frustrating. And the documentation helps, but I need help with what the documentation doesn't cover.