Outlook "Share to TEAMS" cant find certain channels

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The new "Share to TEAMS" is showing up for our users, and it is a great feature, but there are serious problems with the search within the app.  We are able to search for users with no issue, but searching for a group or channel is rarely successful.  I would guestimate that only 25% of my channels show up in the search.  I have already verified that channels don't show up even if I am an owner of the group.  And there is no way to search for a "General" channel.  There are no results for us.  Is this a problem with our environment, or a known issue with the feature? 


On a side note, I've always had trouble sharing thing from my phone to Teams if I'm looking for a "General" channel.   

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Hello, my experience is as follows. I can search and see all my channels (many) but not the hidden ones at the bottom. That doesn't matter though and could be working as designed. As for private channels they are not discoverable. When it comes to the "general channels" I have the same experience as you. I suppose that could be working as designed as well but don't know to be honest. Difficult to say when there's so brief information about the feature.