Outlook group calendar linking with teams channel?

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Can I link an existing group calendar in outlook with our Teams channel?


I have found out that I can copy the URL link and add a website in my Teams channel and share it that way. However, for the group calendar I'm not able to obtain that URL link in the same way. 

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Hi @IngeBakker,

Yes, you can link an existing group calendar in Outlook with a Teams channel.

Here's how you can do it:

1. In Microsoft Teams, navigate to the desired channel where you want to add the group calendar.

2. Click on the "+" icon to add a new tab to the channel.

3. In the pop-up window that appears, select the "Website" option.


4. Provide a name for the tab and enter the URL of the group calendar in the "URL" field. Note that the URL should be the web address of the group calendar in Outlook.



5. Click on the "Save" button to add the tab to the channel.

Once the tab is added, it will display the group calendar within the Teams channel. Users can click on the tab to view and interact with the calendar directly from Teams.

To obtain the URL for the group calendar in Outlook, you can follow these steps:

  1. Find the Calendar URL. Log into the Outlook Web App (
  2. Select the Group you want the calendar for:


  3. After the Group mailbox loads, click “Calendar”:


  4. Copy the URL from your browser (make sure you see “/group/GROUPNAME@domain/calendar”):

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