Outlook Add-in not showing when Teams is active in Guest tenant

Stephan G

Hi everyone,

we came across a difficult issue. 

If you open up Teams and switch to a Tenant where you were invited as a guest to a Team and then start Outlook - the addin for creating a meeting is missing from the ribbon.

I could not find the issue here but something similar:

Unable to start meeting as Organizer from Outlook as you may get stuck in the Virtual Lobby (When logging in with "another account")


As there is no option to specify the "primary account" in Microsoft Teams - is there any way to solve it? Or do we have to tell/teach our users to first start Teams switch to the corporate tenant and then open Outlook? If yes - will it be fixed? :)


Best regards


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Start Outlook first then Teams before switching to your Guest account in Teams - this preserves the Teams meeting button in the ribbon.


Are you trying to create a meeting in the Guest tenant ?

@Ian Moran 

Hi. No i am not trying to create a meeting in the guest tenant. As a guest user i do not have any license there. I know that's why it is not working.

But as Teams is normally starting automatically with the start of the client. It is not that easy to explain to non technical users why you need to close it and then open up outlook and then open up teams again.


It would be great if Outlook takes the primary mailbox user and load the Teams addin with this user. I think many users have only one corporate tenant where they are properly licensed.


Best regards


@Stephan G  got it. Don't see an easy answer apart from application startup order. Maybe autostart Outlook but not Teams

It’s how it works and no way around it currently to my knowledge. What I would suggest is having your users utilize the browser version of Teams to access the other tenants and keep their client on the home tenant. This way you can switch tenants in the web and it will preserve the last selected tenant there all you need to do is open your browser and click the teams Url shortcut and your in. If multiple tenants are involved then you can look at a tool such as Franz.

I know work is being done on tenant switching and multiple accounts so we can hope for a solution around this as they improve in those areas with Teams.
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