Outgoing Camera feed drops on Teams

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I have had a user recently who has experienced issues with their Webcam when on Teams Calls with their department.


They can see their own camera feed just fine and sometimes when the call starts most of their colleagues can, but not long after the camera feed just drops so you only see their profile image.


We have tried re-installing teams and have cleared their Teams cache but it is still happening.


My initial thought might be their upload speed being the issue but I have not evidence to back this up and I am unaware of what the min. requirements are for maintaining a video stream.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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@henry_good I would look up one of the attendees of the meeting and find the meeting under Meetings and Calls, if you poke around the data you will typically find when the video stream started and stopped and any likely reason for it happening.


I guess it'll either be related to the device (if it's not Teams certified) or network (e.g. a proxy/firewall ending a session)/



@Steven CollierWe have had similar issues where packet inspection on the traffic through the firewall has been the cause.  The video stream and audio stream are different connections and video is more vulnerable to being delayed or dropped, especially when you start working in 4K conferencing systems.
In the end we had to white-list the video stream separate to the audio stream (possibly a Fortigate specific glitch).  Check your filtering of UDP 50020-50039, and port 443 to *.teams.microsoft.com


Thanks, this should help get to the bottom of this.

I think it's network as well as they are WFH part time and they have the same device as their colleagues and they don't have the same issue, or have not reported it to us at the least.