Out of Office Message... that broadcasts to a SPECIFIC team?

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Hi!  New online teacher here and I have another question!  I saw that I can set up an out of office reply, but it seems like it is only for if someone sends you a message.  I am wondering what I can SEND to my kids so they know I am am of the building and they won't have an online group with me today.  (I am a gifted teacher, not homeroom so the message probably won't get to them.  When they log on and try to join a meeting, I want a message to pop up saying no groups today.  Is that possible?

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If your meetings aren't private but are to the group all the time, you can schedule them in a channel then join the meeting and add the note in chat, because it's a channel chat it will be persistent and show the chat to them when they Join the meeting.

Outside of that, your best bet might just be to invite them to the meetings individually and then cancel them so they no longer show in their calendar to join, this way they know it's not there any longer if it's missing.