Organizing Posts/Conversations in Teams

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Hi all,

I'm trying to figure out how to organize the posts or conversations in one of our Teams channels.  For example, we have emails coming to our Teams channel.  We have the emails coming to our channel so the Team members know who is responding to emails and if an email has indeed be handled--we can just type it in the comments area. Of course, the emails posts in the channel chronologically, but it can difficult to follow the email posts/conversations.  Is there a way we can organize these posts in some type of table or have the automatically populate a SharePoint list? 

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Have a look at power automate for doing a flow which could do all this for you! The trick is to find a trigger that works for you


@adam deltinger , thank you. 

I would not use Teams for this. It’s not really made for that purpose. You could use power automate but I would a planner task for them instead and then you could possible have that flow reply and put a link to the planner task in as a reply so you can still have a discussion over the email but the work item is tracked in a real tracking solution.

@tmmartin Have you considered using the group email associated with the team?


Group emails won't appear in Teams, but will appear in a folder for the group Outlook under the "Groups" fold in Outlook. By default, group emails are followed in your inbox, but each user can edit the group in outlook and disable the "Follow in Inbox" option. This would provide your group members with a record of the emails without cluttering their inbox or the group channel and leaving the channel free for group conversations.