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Hello members,


I have a nice question for you, at least I think so.


Is there a possibility in Outlook, or alternatively Teams, to have employees register for a workshop?

I have 4 staff meetings to schedule, but places are limited. The first 10 have a seat, the rest will have to look at another date.


We always do this with an Excel that is filled in, but I wonder if this is not possible in Outlook, Teams or another application.


Anyone have an idea?

I have already tested Polly, but did not get the desired result.

Doodle is a possibility, but is outside our O365 environment.


Thank you very much for your ideas.


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Hi @Ronny Cornelis   This sounds like an excellent application of the Webinar registration feature in Microsoft Teams.  Lots of videos online as well as documentation like this: Set up for webinars in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


Get started with Teams webinars (


🙋🏻‍:male_sign: How to use Webinars in Microsoft Teams - Bing video

Hi Therese Solimeno, Nice feature, I didn't know about it. Looks very nice to set up an organized registration. Is it also possible to limit the subscriptions? And to allow the applicants to see who is already on the list?@ThereseSolimeno 

Hi @Ronny Cornelis  I know you can limit the subscriptions but I'm not sure about attendees viewing the registration list.  Let's ask some of our MVP experts:  @Christopher Hoard @adam deltinger @ChristianJBergstrom 

Sorry, it won't be possible for others to see who's already signed up as the registration form goes to the organizer. There's some fine support pages on how to get started with webinars though

Have you tried using Forms instead of Polly by the way? You can do plenty with it, see this page and scroll down to Teams to get an idea or

I'm sure there are other solutions too, such as Bookings, Lists or even using Power Platform such as Power Automate But that's not really within my field.