Organization Contacts from Microsoft 365 Admin in Teams Phone Contacts

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Hi everyone, we are slated to cutover to Microsoft Teams Phone later this week. Everything is working well except this one last bit: the driver phonebook. We are a trucking company and have over 200 drivers listed as Contacts in our Microsoft 365 Admin center, under Users. This makes sense because we want to be able to type in thier name and call them, and to see their name pop up when they are calling in.


But I am struggling to find if it is now possible, in June 2023, to automatically fill every user's Teams Phone Contacts with the entirety of this organizational Contacts list. I'm talking about the contacts shown here orgwide:



Everything I'm finding on the internet is from 2021 or earlier. There are mentions to UserVoice thredas but when you click the link, these UserVoices are no longer online. My vain hope is that this is because they've implemented a fix and I just need to know what it is.


We really don't want to have to manually import these drivers because, as is the case with all trucking companies, driver turnover is astronomical and we get and lose new drivers ever week. On our old phone system, we had a CSV we exported from our ERP containing all the drivers' names, emails, and phone numbers. We then just had to import it weekly.


We can do this same import mechanism on Microsoft 365 Admin contacts, but what I can't figure out is how to get those contacts to appear for our users in Teams Phone without them having to manually add these contacts to their own personal contacts list.


We would certainly appreciate any guidance, even if that guidance is to effectively say "No, this is still not possible."


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have you tried the below method , by creating a shared contact list using sharepoint and mapped to teams ?

@eliekarkafy Thank you for this suggestion! I followed the steps and it "worked": I have a Shared Contacts tab inside the all-company team's General channel. But it doesn't seem to have any kind of native connection with Teams Phone. I would like these contacts to show up as Contacts in Teams so that they can simply type the person's name and call them, and make their own custom contact groups with the drivers they care about.


All signs I can find indicate that even though Global Address Book is part of the same Microsoft Tenant, it refuses to load anything except the contacts in each individual user's main Contacts folder from Outlook.




Global Address Book is not part of the individual contacts list for each user in teams . The contact blade in teams is considered as a private contact list for the user the same way if a person is using his mobile device. I don't think there is any other method to have a shared contact list in teams within the contacts blade,