Organising multiple meetings simultaneously

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I need to organise a conference on Teams that would involve mostly guests. Breakouts are required but I am told guests do not get access to breakouts.
A solution is to organise several meetings simultaneously and give 1 person in each team ownership. Is this possible if I am not participating in any of the meetings?
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Hi, let's start with the first assumption. Guests can access breakout rooms because the breakout rooms are just like any other meeting in Teams and will follow your org. configuration. Now that you know this perhaps you would like to rephrase your question?
Hi Christian,
Thanks for your reply.
I was told on that they couldn't be included in breakouts. Do you have any experience of doing this yourself?

It would make life a lot easier if you are right.

Just read everything here, comments as well


@JohnnyD17 Hello again, just wanted to let you know I have verified that it works just fine (as I already knew) but your reply got me thinking that something might be wrong with the service.