Organisation switch does not work when invited with alternative email address instead of UPN

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We have recently switched our e-mail address from to Where firstname.lastname@ is our UPN and firstname@ is an alternative e-mail address in order to not lose any contact to previous clients. 


When external companies invite us with our old e-mail (alternative e-mail) we are now unable to switch Teams from one organisation to another and vice versa. A spinning wheel appears that never disappears until you force quit Teams and restart. Once done, you are in the desired organisation. However switching back to your home organisation is not possible because a login window appears with our old e-mail (alternative e-mail). 


Only possible fix is to ask the client's IT department to remove the user from the AAD and re-invite with the correct e-mail address. This is however is not a scalable solution. 

In Summary: Getting invited by a client with an alternative e-mail address is messing up single-sign-on within Teams. Is this problem known in the product Team? Any advice here how to resolve a e-mail address / UPN change? 

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I don't know specifically about Teams, but in general, using the Alternative Email Address works, mostly.
There are a few places where it doesn't work, it sounds like you may have found one. I don't recommend using it to my customers, like I said, it works, but only in limited situations.