Organisation hierarchy with many different departments and teams

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Hi all,


I have searched for information around this but it appears fruitless…


I work for a large organisation that has many teams within many departments. For example, we have the main organisation at the top, then we would have that split into six key areas of business, of which each area has tens of teams within. Unfortunately where every team is quite specialised and deals with sensitive info (plus we are not currently allowed to use private channels), we cannot create a ‘Team’ for each dept with a channel being made for each team.


We are slowly rolling the Team and Channels to select areas on a team (not dept) level, however I am struggling to see how we can work cohesively with the current structure. Is there a way to, for example, merge or group teams by dept on the level below the organisation, but above the ‘Team’ level? E.g.:


  • Organisation > HR > Recruitment Team > Channels
  • Organisation > HR > Senior Partners Team > Channels

Based on what I have read so far, we are only able to do:


  • Organisation > HR Recruitment Team> Channels
  • Organisation > HR Senior Partners Team > Channels

The other question (if I haven’t lost anyone completely) is more around the sharing of specific info and news between multiple teams. Say if we have a Department Head of HR who wants to update all their HR teams through Sharepoint sites/newsfeeds, how would they go about it if it isn’t feasible for them to be part of the many different Teams within the dept?






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Saying that, I have literally stumbled across Sharepoint hubs - would anyone be able to advise if this would be the solution?