Org-Wide team not adding users

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Our owner has asked us to change an existing team to org-wide. We are well under 5000 users and don't have any existing org-wide teams that I can see.


I logged in as a Global Admin, made myself an owner of the team. I opened the web version of Teams and when I edit the team it gave me the option to make it an org-wide team. It never seemed to add any users and my regular user does not have access to it.


I tried creating a new team and I made it an org-wide team during creation. Same thing. It has not added any users and my regular user does not have access.


For both of these teams, if I edit the team in the web version of Teams, it shows that it is an org-wide team. But, if I view the team in the Teams management console, it shows the visibility is Public.


Why won't this automatically add users?  Is it normal for the Teams management console to show that the team is Public?



- Marc

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I am experiencing the same issue and have followed the same troubleshooting steps.

It is normal for an Org-Wide team to show public in the Teams admin center.


I just created a Power Automate flow to sync existing and new users with the team automatically.

I created a new org-wide team several hours ago and not one user was added.